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About Our Church

A group of Believers with a desire to engage our local community by focusing our worship and mission in three key areas: Expository Preaching, Education as a Priority, and Evangelistic Proclamation.


Our Vision...

We envision being an ethnically diverse Body of believers committed to sound teaching, authentic relational-based ministry, and biblical worship.  Our vision is what we believe is unique to our mission.

Our Mission is Simple...

To reach others and draw them into a welcoming community where they can have the opportunity to know Jesus Christ through the witness of the gospel by life and by word that others would desire to be part of our fellowship. 

To journey with others in order to grow together through life-to-life connections in biblical discipleship that result in life changing relationships with Jesus Christ.

We accomplish this through relationships and...

  • Worship centered on sound expository 

  • Growth within our small group structure that educates and exemplifies biblical

  • Witness that impacts our community – ministry in the church and mission to the world around us.

Our Values...

  • Biblical Exposition

  • Godly Leadership

  • Spiritual Growth

  • Education through Small Groups

  • Unity in Fellowship

  • Personal Evangelism

  • Multi-Ethnic Ministry

  • Missions

  • Meaningful and Expressive Worship

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