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What is Expository Preaching?

The word exposition means: “to explain and make clear”, (in a biblical sense) what needs to be understood.  In other words, it is, in this definition, preaching that makes plain sense from the text and is understood by the hearer of such a message for worship, obedience, and wisdom for living. 


The process by which the message is developed is key to exposition.  The proper method of interpretation of a text within its context, its historical, grammatical, and doctrinal significance are necessary components of meaning to be communicated in preaching.  

The understanding of the God of Scripture and His ways and purposes are best understood by this approach to preaching.  Wisdom for living and meeting challenges to life and relationships are best understood and applied through expository preaching.  Individuals, families, and churches are best prepared to encounter and respond to complex times and issues of life as a result.

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